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Soon after completing his MA in English (with Hons’ in the same discipline) in 1986, Prof Mohammed Feroz Mukul got seven job-offers from different organizations. Brushing all aside, he joined as a lecturer in a college. He thought that this field would be the right place for him to apply his efforts for the nation- building-activities. He noticed that during the 80s and 90s about only 30% of the students were successful in the SSC, HSC and Degree exams and about 90% of the 70% unsuccessful students failed in English. As a young, energetic, loving and enthusiastic teacher he was very eager to teach English following our conventional Grammar-and-Structure based English Teaching System. He tried heart and soul. He tried again and again but failed.

Mr. Mukul observed that our students fail in English even after studying it as compulsory 200-mark-papers for 14 to 15 years. According to our education policy, if a student fails in any subject s/he has to lose one calendar year. Mr. Mukul made a very simple calculation that out of 2 million students 90% of the 70% unsuccessful ones, numbering almost 1400000 students, lose one calendar year. This amounts to more than 1.4 million years of our national loss every year. He then branded our English Teaching System to be the most impractical, unrealistic and unscientific.

Mr. Mukul was then self-motivated, self-guided, self-oriented and self-speculative and started a research on ‘Proper Methodology of Teaching English for the Bengali Speaking People’ and developed a technique popularly known as FM Method after his name. For the implementation of his research he set up Genuine Tutorial, an English Language Institute, on the 1st of Feb, 1986 at Mohammadpur in Dhaka. As the demand of the Method was growing higher Mr. Mukul had to shift his office to Farmgate. In 1994 he renamed it ‘Genuine English Laboratory and Research Centre’. At last in 2003, it was popularly recognized as FM ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING RESEARCH INSTITUTE in short FM Institute which at present has many campuses all over Bangladesh. FM Method is designed and devised specially for the Bengali people to learn English, unlike the conventional way, without learning Grammar at all. According to Mr. Feroz Mukul, for learning any foreign language, there must be the BASE LANGUAGE, which is nothing but the MOTHER TONGUE and the TARGET LANGUAGE, which is the FOREIGN LANGUAGE, provided that the language learning situation is not congenial or like the one that helps direct learning.

Prof Mukul has classified the whole Bengali Language on the basis of the LAST WORD of its sentences, developed lessons for each class and designed FORMULAS for converting the Bengali sentences into English. FM Method is the unique technique of teaching English for the Bangalees.
Prof Mukul was awarded London Quality Crown Award 2010 and World Quality Commitment International Star Award-2009 from London and France receptively. He was also selected by the awarding committees from USA, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Besides these, he was awarded BFSP Shawdhinata Padak-2005, Amra Kuri Padak-2005,The daily Amar Desh memorial Award, Salehin memorial Award-2005, Shawdhinata Sansad Education Award- 2006 , Zia memorial award-2006, Human rights gold medal-2006, Princess Diana Gold medal-2007, Mohatma Ghadhi Award-2008, Nawab Foyzunnesa Gold medal-2008, Abu Zafar Obaidullah Award -2009, Bangabandhu Award- 2009, Atish Diponkor gold medal-2009, Dhaka Ratna-2009, Helen Keler Gold Medal-2009.

The corporate office of it is housed at its own 5 storey building at 1/1 East Razabazar, Farmgate, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh. Mobile: 01730050200,01730050260.

To repeat the courses
To change batches, campuses etc.
English is taught by FM Method.
Special personal care is taken of the weak ones.
Participation in Language club is free.
Free English Movie Club.
Job Opportunities.
Head Office

FM Institute
FM Tower

1/1, East Razabazar
Farmgate, Dhaka-1215

Phone : +880-2-9130290
Telefax : +880-2-9144334
Cell : +88-01730050200

Email: info@fmmethodbd.org
Website: www.fmmethodbd.org

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